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    Andrea Bocelli performing in Lajatico
    Andrea Bocelli, Lajatico 2019

    “Ali di libertà” is the title of the 14th edition of the Teatro del Silenzio.

    The best of the best is in the program: a multi-sensory experience that will reinvent opera by offering the greatest composers, the most beloved songs and the most popular “classics”, presented within an innovative format that will symbolically take the audience by the hand, within spectacular moving sets that are, currently, unparalleled. It is a memorable journey, to be taken – as always – alongside Andrea Bocelli, through the places where he was born and where many of his dearest loved ones still reside.

    25 and 27 July 2019

    A beautiful place in Florence
    « Locale » à Florence, un lieu magique

    Un jardin au coeur de Florence: dîner et cocktails uniques dans un bâtiment historique. Endroit très élégant et très romantique … Voir c’est croire!

    Via delle Seggiole, Firenze

    The Carthusian Monastery of Pisa

    The Chartreuse of Pisa, located in Calci, is a wide monumental building raised in the Monte Pisano hillside, just a few km from the town. Founded in 1366 by a group of Carthusian monks, the building has been enlarged between the XVII and the XVIII century and now appears as a marvellous baroque monument set into an evocative landscape. Nowadays the Chartreus hires two different Museum; the National Museul of the Monumental Chartreuse of Calci and the Natural History Museum of the University of Pisa.

    L’exposition d’art du XVIe siècle @ Palazzo Strozzi, Firenze

    Il y aura des sculptures exposées, des peintures et des dessins de Giorgio Vasari, Giambologna, Bartolomeo Ammanati, Pontormo, Bronzino, Andrea del Sarto, Santi di Tito.

    Palazzo Strozzi, 22 Sep 2017 – 21 Jan 2018

    Escher @ Palazzo Blu, Pisa

    L’exposition présentera une revue complète de tous les chefs-d’œuvre hypnotiques, étonnants et troublants du grand artiste.

    13 Oct 2017 – 28 Jan 2018

    Andrea Bocelli, Teatro del Silenzio, Lajatico 2017

    This year, Bocelli’s annual show hosted the queen of dance Carla Fracci and a special guest, Matteo Bocelli, son of the famous tenor, who is moving the first steps in the music world.
    For this edition Andrea Bocelli, who is passionate about nature and horses (it is not uncommon to meet him riding in the Tuscan hills), wanted a white tiger on the stage.

    A spectacular show!

    3 Aug 2017

    Truffle Festival
    47ème exposition-marché San Miniato truffe blanche

    Le centre historique de San Miniato remonte au VIII siècle et préserve encore des détails authentiques de son histoire.

    Depuis des siècles les experts sortent chaque nuit avec leurs chiens pour chercher le précieux tubercule.
    Le festival est devenu une exposition internationale qui attire aujourd’hui des milliers de visiteurs italiens et étrangers.

    Avec la truffe blanche, qui est la star, vous pourrez déguster de nombreux produits locaux: fromages, viandes, miel, extra-vergin d’huile d’olive, du vin et des confitures.

    Vous pouvez vous promener dans les petites rues du village et vous apprécierez certainement la vraie vie à la campagne toscane.

    11 – 12 – 18 – 19 – 25 – 26  November 2017

    Luciana’s special zucchini

    Have you already tasted them? Here’s the recipe!

    Cut the zucchini into small pieces and fry them.

    Then add the sauce made of:

    One onion
    Little parsley
    1 spoon of vinegar of white wine
    2 spoon of mustard
    Boiled egg

    Enjoy (and let us know about them)!

    Montopoli Medioevo

    Pendant quarante-trois ans à Montopoli, vient à la vie le duel fascinant avec l’arc entre ‘perinsù’ et ‘peringiù’, la ville haut et bas du pays.
    Dans la course, les meilleurs archers des deux groupes, hommes et femmes en costume et la nourriture médiévale.

    9-10 Sept 2017

    Luminara di San Ranieri – Pisa

    The « Luminara » is a special celebration that takes place every year in Pisa on the evening of June 16th: the eve of St. Ranieri, patron of the city.
    Each year about 100,000 candles are placed on wooden frames and they draw the architectural forms of churches, palaces and towers of the riversides.
    Then other floating candles are put into the river Arno, and with the public lighting off, they offer a really suggestive atmosphere.
    For many years, the evening ends with a series of fireworks around midnight.

    Not to miss!

    16 June 2017